Vision and Purpose

WDVCAS NSW is a state-wide body representing WDVCAS services in NSW. We advocate on systemic domestic and family violence issues.


Our vision is for a just community, where women and children live a life free from violence.

We are informed by a feminist analysis of power and recognise domestic and family violence as a crime and a violation of the human rights of women and children.

WDVCAS NSW will continuously work at a systemic level to improve service delivery to our clients through identification of issues affecting their access to justice and services, and via collaboration, discussion, consultation, research, submissions, and formulating recommendations in reform.


Achieve better outcomes for women and their children by identifying and advocating on systematic domestic and family violence issues within social, political and legal contexts. 

Our Guiding Principles

WDVCAS NSW is founded on a human rights approach, which:

  • is informed by a feminist analysis, which seeks to empower and recognise domestic violence and family violence as a crime and a violation of the human rights of women and children;
  • recognises the gendered nature of domestic violence and its disproportionate impact on women;
  • is determined to identify systemic policy and law reform issues impacting on service delivery to clients experiencing domestic violence;
  • is informed by a focus on positive outcomes for WDVCAS clients;
  • communicates openly and believes that consultation is a priority where possible and practical, particularly where changes to policy or service delivery are considered or advocated;
  • respects and values individual differences of opinion; and
  • makes decisions by consensus where possible.

Strategic Directions

The WDVCAS NSW Strategic Plan (2015 - 2018) is designed around the following objectives:

  1. To identify and advocate on domestic and family violence issues with a focus on systemic policy and law reform;
  2. To produce high quality policy documents, submissions and independent research that is circulated widely;
  3. To draw upon the expertise of our members and in turn, to provide high quality professional support to them;
  4. To develop strong partnerships and work collaboratively with our stakeholders; and
  5. To be a well governed and managed association with an expanded funding and membership base.

To achieve our vision and objectives, we will focus on three key result areas:

Key Result Area 1: Evidence based advocacy

Since WDVCAS NSW Inc. was incorporated, undertaking systematic policy and law reform work has been the key aim of WDVCAS NSW Inc. We intend to intensify our advocacy efforts by engaging with our membership to draw upon their unique and specialist expertise to inform the ongoing policy and law reform agenda. A key ongoing strategy will be to develop collaborative relationships with key stakeholders at the state level, including members of parliament, government agencies, police, courts, other peak organisations and state wide service providers.

Key Result Area 2: Supporting our members

A key objective for the 2015-2018 period will be to draw upon the expertise of our members and provide high quality professional support to them. This will become increasingly important as the WDVCASs progressively become hosts of the Local Coordination Points. This work will be central to the success of all the work undertaken under key result area 1.

Key Result Area 3: Good governance and management

WDVCAS NSW Inc. is a relatively new organisation (established in 2011) and the need to continuously find ways to strengthen the governance and management of the association remains a key priority. We aim to build the governance capacity of the Board of Directors and staff to ensure they can fulfil all their obligations to achieve the organisation’s aims and objectives.

For copy of 2015-2018 WDVCAS NSW Strategic Plan click here.

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Our Vision and Purpose

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Vision & Purpose

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