Types of Domestic Violence

If you are in danger, please call the police on 000. To contact your nearest WDVCAS service call 1800WDVCAS (1800 938 227).

1. Physical

- Assault
- Assaulting children
- Locking woman in or out of places
- Forcing woman to do things against her will (using drugs etc)
- Withholding medical care
- Sleep deprivation

2. Verbal

- Swearing
- Continual humiliation (private or public)
- Attacks on self (intelligence, sexuality, body image, capacity as parent etc)

3. Psychological

- Driving dangerously
- Destorying property
- Abusing pets/in front of family members
- Making custody threats about children
- Saying police won't help
- Threatening to 'out' woman

4. Sexual

- Forced sex
- Pressuring woman into sex
- Being sexually degrading
- Forcing woman to perform sexual acts

5. Emotional & Financial

- Forbidding access to bank accounts
- Only giving small allowance
- Woman not allowed to have a job
- Controlling woman's finances
- Forcing women to sign false things

6. Social

- Isolation from friends and family
- Rudeness/limiting time/alienating from friends/family

7. Harassment

- Tracking woman
- Arriving at woman house without permission
- Following woman
- Harassment over telephone or online

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