WDVCAS NSW Statement on Tender Cancellation

WDVCAS NSW is not in favour of cancelling the tender process due to the negative impact on clients.

WDVCAS NSW have been working collaboratively with the Attorney General’s department and Legal Aid to address member concerns and were satisfied that these were successfully being addressed.

Recommendation 1: WDVCAS NSW recommend that the decision to overturn the WDVCAS tender is immediately overturned. WDVCAS NSW submit that the decision to cease the tender will have significant impacts on high quality service provision that WDVCASs provide. WDVCAS NSW have significant concerns about the negative impact on clients due to this decision.

Recommendation 2: WDVCAS NSW supports the recommendations from the recent 2018 Allwood and Associates evaluation and recommendations that these should be incorporated into a variation of current service agreements.

Recommendation 3: There must be an urgent announcement and clarification of the location of final Safer Pathway sites and launch dates.

Download and read the full statement here.

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